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In Palazzo we have been more than 50 years being a reference in ice cream in Madrid. We make them without preservatives or colorings and we distribute them every day to the twelve stores that we have.

Products & Flavours

If you are classic try the chocolate one. If you are more daring try the tutti-frutti or the coffee flavour.

Palazzo means Madrid

Immerse yourself in the twelve shops in emblematic and historic places of Madrid, from the Puerta del Sol to the Royal Palace.

Enjoy anywhere

Take it to enjoy it later, transport containers guarantee the quality of the ice cream.

"Traditional flavors, craftsmanship and natural products that recall the happiness of before and always"

Mseum of Memories

Share with us in Instagrams your best Palazzo moments with the hashtag #heladeriaspalazzo.

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“Every day should start with a coffee and finish with an ice cream”.

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